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Boy Robbed Of Birthday Gifts While Recovering In Hospital

As if spending his 16th birthday in the hospital wasn’t enough, a Richmond, Virginia, boy had all of his birthday presents stolen while he was recovering after surgery.

"It's really killing me that somebody would do that to my child," said Tim Roberts, father of 16-year-old Christopher.

"It really broke my heart," he added. "I think I probably cried every tear I could possibly cry. It hurt so bad."

The presents were in Tim’s car in the parking lot of the VCU medical center. He parked his car to enter the hospital to attend to his son after a recent surgery on his skull, the 30th such surgery in just 16 years.

"It's bad enough he's laying in the hospital critically ill and then to have to tell him that someone stole all of his stuff," said Roberts.

Police say someone broke into the family car and took money, presents and even car parts.

"It was probably only $300 or $400 dollars," said Roberts about the cash that was stolen, in addition to the gifts. "But it was enough to get us through to the first of the month when we get our check."

Police are asking for help in locating the suspects.

Sources: NBC12, VAnews


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