Boy Lands In Hospital Following Freak Chopstick Accident (Photos)


A 12-year-old boy landed in the hospital with a pair of chopsticks wedged in his neck this week.

The boy, Jun Chia, had the chopsticks pierce his throat following a freak accident with someone on a scooter.

Chia was walking to school and eating when the collision happened. According to Metro, he collided with the motorist as he crossed the road. When he fell, his neck landed squarely on the chopsticks.

Surgeons say the chopsticks narrowly missed his trachea and major blood vessels.

“We did a CT scan which revealed that the chopsticks had missed the boy’s trachea and esophagus and key blood vessels,” doctor Zhou Jen said. “He was really very lucky, and we were then able to use surgery to remove the chopsticks.

Here are a few pictures of the gruesome injury:

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Chia is expected to be released from the hospital next week. Since the chopsticks are metal, doctors say there is little chance of him contracting an infection.

Source: Metro / Photo Credit: CEN


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