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Boy Holds Yard Sale to Pay for Dad's Gravestone

A heartbreaking-but-inspiring story out of Canada, where a nine-year-old boy held a yard sale to raise money so he could buy a gravestone for his deceased father.

Blake McGinness' father died last year from a stomach aneurysm. His grave is marked by some of Blake's toys because the family could not afford the gravestone.

"I just felt bad because there was no gravestone, so I wanted raise money to buy a gravestone," Blake said.

And so did total strangers. When word got out about the Saturday yard sale and what it was for,  hundreds of people flocked to Blake's house in Ontario.

People bought things, gave Blake money, or even donated items to the worthy cause -- one man gave a hockey stick signed by the Montreal Canadiens.

"I don't think every kid would do something like this, you know, sell all his toys so he could buy a headstone for his father," said one participant. "How could you not come?"

Thousands of dollars were raised Saturday, and thousands more have been donated to a trust fund at a local bank.

"It's awesome, it's amazing. We've heard from people, as far away as soldiers in Afghanistan. A company even in Texas offered to donate the gravestone," said Blake's mother, Linda McGinness.

More than enough money was raised to buy the headstone. The rest is being donated to a children's hospital in Toronto.

"Now I know there's a lot of good people out there," Blake said.


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