Boy Grows Nose On Forehead


A 12-year-old Indian boy grew a nose on his forehead as part of innovative surgery.

Arun Patel's nose shriveled up and fell off his face after village doctors with no formal training put injections into his face, reported the Daily Mail. It's not clear why Arun was given the injections, but the result was obvious: Arun had no nose.

To fix the situation, doctors decided to perform surgery that would grow a nose on Arun's forehead

“Arun Patel's nose had disappeared due to a side-effect of an injection when he was just 1 month old,' said Dr. Ashwini Dash, according to the Daily Mail. “A normal rhinoplasty was not possible on Arun's face as his nose had almost disappeared. Therefore, we decided to perform a special plastic surgery on him, which is medically called as 'pre-fabricated forehead flap rhinoplasty.'”

Doctors performed the surgery in four phases over the course of a year. In the first phase, doctors injected a special chemical into Arun's forehead, which caused it to expand. That part of his forehead continued to grow for months. After it grew to a certain size, it was removed and then placed on his face, according to the Daily Mail.

Dash said he had read about a similar surgery in China and had been waiting for an opportunity to do the same.

“Since then I was on a lookout for such a case where I can grow a patient's nose in his body and help fix his affected organ,” he said. “Luckily for me, the boy's case came to me to help me realize that dream.”

Arun told NDTV he's grateful for the surgery.

"I did not have the courage to look at myself in the mirror in the absence of the nose,” he said. “I would always walk on roads with my head down. In school, the children used to be afraid of me and made fun of me. But, now after getting a new nose, I can face the people with self-confidence.”

Sources: Daily Mail, NDTV / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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