Boy Goes To Pool For A Swim, Dies An Hour Later (Video)


A young boy in South Carolina died an hour after swimming in a pool and swallowing too much water.

According to reports, 10-year-old Johnny Jackson appeared to be completely fine right after taking a swim at a local pool. 

“We physically walked home,” his mother, Cassandra Jackson, said. “He walked with me. I bathed him and he told me that he was sleepy.”

What Cassandra didn’t know, however, was that her son’s lungs had been filling up with water. An hour later, he was dead. 

“I went into the room, walked over to the bed, and his face was literally covered with this spongy white material,” Cassandra said during an interview on TODAY. “And I screamed.”

Johnny was quickly rushed to a nearby hospital, but was unable to be revived. The official cause of death was “asphyxiation by drowning.”

“I never knew a child could walk around, talk and speak with their lungs filled with water,” Cassandra said. 

Called a “dry drowning,” the rare occurrence happens when too much water is ingested and gets into the lungs — causing a delayed case of pneumonia. 

Despite Johnny’s shocking death, there were signs that pointed to something being wrong. The 10-year-old was reportedly notably lethargic and soiled himself while in the pool.

Experts say that parents need not worry if their child coughs or spits up excess pool water after swallowing a significant amount. When a child begins having difficulty breathing and coughing at least an hour after swimming, medical attention should be sought immediately.

Sources: IJReview, Little Things

Photo Credit: JReview


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