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Boy Finds Part of Finger in Arby's Sandwich

Last week in Jackson, Michigan, 14-year-old Ryan Hart got an unexpected ingredient when he bit into an Arby’s junior roast beef sandwich: part of a human finger.

His mom, Jamie Vail, thought her son was joking around, but he wasn't.

Ryan told the Jackson Citizen Patriot: “I was like, ‘that gots to be a finger. I was about to puke... It was just nasty."

It was the back of a finger, beyond the first knuckle, said Vail, who estimated the body part to be about an eighth to a quarter inch thick and maybe an inch or more long.

Vail called 911 to report the incident and then took her son to the doctor, who drew Ryan’s blood and prescribed medication. Testing of his blood is pending. In the meantime, Vail has talked to a lawyer because the incident was 'traumatizing" for her son.

Apparently, an employee had accidentally cut her finger on a meat slicer in the Arby's, according to Jackson police and the Jackson County Health Department.

The employee left her job and other workers were filling orders before they became aware of what happened.

John Gray, vice president for corporate communications and public relations for Arby’s, said in a statement that after learning of the accident, the restaurant team stopped food production and thoroughly sanitized the restaurant.


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