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Boy Dies After Ingesting Cinnamon (Video)

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A 4-year-old boy has died after ingesting Cinnamon (video below). 

Little Things reports that 4-year-old Matthew Radar was climbing things in the house, goofing around, and getting into trouble the way most kids his age do.  He managed to open a cabinet door and began fiddling with the spices inside.

His mother, Brianna, suddenly noticed Matthew convulsing, as if suffering from a seizure.  It turned out, Matthew consumed cinnamon, which is harmless to most people, but can cause a violent, deadly reaction in some.  

Brianna rushed Matthew to the hospital, but it was too late.  The boy tragically passed away.  

Little Things posted the story to its Facebook page, and the news has since gone viral.  One user wrote, "When younger I could eat anything containing Cinnamon, especially Cinnamon Rolls. For the.last ten years I had to Refrain From eating anything.containing Cinnamon. It causes Chest Discomfort Chronic Chest Pains. Indigestion and Headaches."

Another added, "Cinnamon definitely can be dangerous. Course, not everyone realizes that. (As we all know, most of us use it ). I have a family member that is severely allergic to it. This baby could of been allergic on top of the normal dangers. My heart felt condolences to his family."

A third said: "Cinnamon repels water so when you put large amounts in your mouth it causes you to salivate and cough but it wont dissolve like powdered sugar or stick together like flour. When you cough the dust is drawn into the lungs and causes irritation starting the cycle over again."

According to Little Things, there is a game that kids play called the "Cinnamon Challenge."  In it, kids dare each other to see who can consume the most Cinnamon.  Because it is so dry, it typically causes one to cough it right back up after swallowing.

Brianna and Matthew's story shows how dangerous a game like that can be. 

Sources: Little Things, Little Things/Facebook / Photo credit: Facebook via Mirror

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