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Boy Abducted in '94 Found

Indiana State Police have identified Richard Wayne Landers Jr., a 24-year-old man living in Long Prairie, Minnesota under the name Michael Jeff Landers since 1994, after his grandparents abducted him from Indiana.

Indiana State Police announced on Thursday that Landers had been found and added that  Landers' paternal grandparents, Raymond Michael Iddings and Susan Kay Iddings, took him because they were upset over custody arrangements in 1994, reports the Associated Press.

Todd County Sheriff's Office, in Minnesota, say the grandparents verified Landers' identity.

Landers' mother Lisa Harter was overjoyed and "jumping up and down," her husband Richard Harter told the Associated Press on Thursday, after police announced the break in the case.

The grandparents were charged in 1994 with misdemeanor interference with custody, which was increased to a felony in 1999,  but the charge was dismissed in 2008 after the case went cold.

Police reopened the case in September 2012 when Richard Harter gave the boy's Social Security card to an Indiana State Police Detective.

That number turned up a man with the same Social Security number and date of birth living in Long Prairie, about 100 miles northwest of Minneapolis. Police said the driver's license photo for the man appeared to resemble Landers.

Indiana State Police then contacted Minnesota law enforcement, which began investigating along with the FBI and the Social Security Administration.

The grandparents were found living in nearby Browerville, Minnesota.

Todd County Sheriff's Office said the case will eventually be forwarded to the U.S. attorney General for possible charges.


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