Bouncer Refuses to Allow "Plus-Sized" Jordan Ramos to Dance on Bar

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Jordan Ramos told ABC News that she recently went to the Union Bar in Iowa City, Iowa with her friends on March 3, tried to get onto the bar where several of her buddies were dancing, but was stopped by a bouncer.

The self described "plus-sized" University of Iowa student said she waited until a few girls left, tried again to go up, but was stopped again by the bouncer.

She finally asked: “What is the difference between the other girls up there and myself?”

The bouncer reportedly told her: "Look, you will never get up on this platform. Go back to the dance floor where you belong.”

On April 14, Ramos returned to the Union Bar with a group of friends, who, once again, were able to get up on the bar, but was blocked again.

The bouncer allegedly told Ramos: ‘You’re not pretty enough and you’re pregnant."

She denied being pregnant, but the bouncer said: "You obviously are."

Ramos told ABC news: "They knew I was not pregnant; it was there way of calling me fat without having to actually say it."

Ramos approached the Human Rights Commission in Iowa City, but was told that size discrimination is not illegal in the state.

The Union Bar did not return calls from ABC News.

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