This Boulder Fell on this Car and Driver Survived!

Looking at this picture it would be safe to assume that the driver of the car buried beneath that 20-ton boulder would surely be dead. But not in this case -- the driver somehow survived and is expected to make a full recovery.

The Daily Mail reports that Ludovic Masciave was driving through the French Alps last Wednesday when the boulder came crashing down onto his car.

"I remember the impact of the rock," Masciave told French newspaper Le Parisien. "I'd been driving slowly at between 40 and 50 kilometers (25 to 30 miles) an hour when suddenly there was a terrible shock which brought the vehicle to a sudden halt. I immediately lost consciousness."

Rescue workers expected to find at least one dead person in the car. Instead the rock just missed Masciave. 

"I was stuck between the rock and the bottom of the door, but also against the dashboard. The space was very restricted. It could be measured in centimeters. My back was pressed against the door and my torso against the rock. I was completely compressed," he said. "All I was thinking about was stopping the pain. When firefighters were able to open the door I was finally relieved of the huge pressure of the rock. They managed to pull me out and took me to hospital."

The 36-year-old man's lungs were flattened and he had several broken ribs. He still has to undergo more procedures but he is expected to walk out the hospital someday.

"It's a miracle I'm alive. Although I'm not a believer I do think this was a miracle. The chances of it happening were very small. Now I will see life differently."


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