Bottled Water To Outsell Soda This Year

As carbonated drinks get fancier and more exotic, the big seller these days is plain bottled water.

Sales for bottled water are predicted to skyrocket this year, notes Canadean, a market research group.

Worldwide bottled water sales have grown at a yearly average of 6 percent since 2008, which has created serious competition among the major bottled water producers: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Danone and Nestle.

Water is expected to hit 233 billion liters of sales by the end of the year, pulling ahead of carbonated drinks, which will likely tap out at 227 billion liters.

Fiona Baillie, an analyst at Canadean, said in a press release, "The speed at which packaged water is growing is evident. Asia and West Europe already have packaged water consumption levels above those of carbonates and this year East Europe is set to join them."

The reasons for the high sales for bottled water in those countries are poor piping infrastructure, high temperatures and "on the go" lifestyles.

In the U.S., bottled water sales have risen, while soda sales fell for the 10th year in 2014, reports Financial Times.

Marco Settembri, chief executive of waters at Nestle, says, "There is a huge growth in the water category in the U.S., driven by concerns about health and obesity."

Sources: Financial Times, Canadean
Image Credit: Ivy Main/Wikimedia Commons


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