Botox Mom Served Previous Jail Time for Lying to Police

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Sheena Upton, the mom who lied about injecting her eight-year-old daughter with Botox for beauty pageants, has been jailed before for lying to police.

Upton has been in the news recently after she appeared on Good Morning America with her daughter and talked about giving the eight-year-old Botox treatments and leg waxes so she could compete in beauty pageants. After the program aired, she lost custody of her daughter.

Upton then claimed she had been paid to invent the Botox story. Yet the story seems far from over. is now reporting that Upton served 14 days in jail for three separate driving offenses, and that she lied to police during two of those arrests. Police records show that in May 2003, she was charged with giving false information to a police officer after the officer stopped her car. She later admitted in court that she'd lied, and she was jailed for four days. 

In 2005, a judge ordered her not to drive on a suspended license, but she got behind the wheel of her car again in May, and lied to a police officer who stopped her.

This time she served 10 days in jail.

Producers of Good Morning America and Inside Edition are investigating whether Upton did make up her story, or whether she's trying to avoid further fallout from the Botox scandal. She did lie about two things: her name, which isn't Kerry Campbell as she claimed on the TV programs, and her status as a licensed cosmetologist.


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