Botox Mom Kerry Campbell Loses Custody of Daughter -- for Now


SAN FRANCISCO --- Many Opposing Views readers, who were disgusted when they first heard the unsettling story, will be glad to know the so-called "Botox Mom" has just lost custody of her daughter, pending a review of her perhaps criminal behavior.

Kerry Campbell made national headlines last week when she appeared on Good Morning America and shockingly explained how she injected her 8-year-old daughter Britney with Botox injections so the girl would look better for the beauty pageant circuit.

Immediately following the broadcast, after Britney said the process hurt and wished she didn't have to receive the injections, Child Protective Services stepped in and said they would investigate.

In the world of alleged (okay, admitted) child abuse, it's guilty until proven innoncent.

Radaronline reports that CPS has already taken Britney away from her mom while the investigation is conducted . Radar says: "The Good Morning America host who first reported the case stated that, “'I’ve spoken with someone very close to the case, she is out of her mother’s home. She’s doing well. The case is under investigation by CPS and we should have new details within a week. But the main thing here — she’s doing well.”

Besides the bizarre behavior of subjecting your child to such odd pain and misfortune, authorities also want to know where Campbell got the Botox in the first place. She's not a medical doctor -- and the only way she could legally obtain such a substance would be through a healthcare professional.

On the show last week, Campbell said she wouldn't reveal her source.


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