Botox For Boobs? Botox Injections Used For Breast Lifts

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Botox injections are known for freezing facial muscles, giving patients a younger – if slightly less mobile – facial appearance. Now, you might have to drop your gaze to sight signs of Botox injections. Women are increasingly turning to this injectable treatment as an alternative to breast lift surgery.

Surgical breast lifts can mean several weeks of recovery and several thousand dollars on hospital fees. But Botox breast lifts – sometimes combined with dermal filler injections – are less expensive and require less than a day of recovery time. Many women have found that this treatment achieves results similar to surgery.

During a Botox breast lift, local anesthetic is injected into the tissue, followed by targeted injections of Botox and dermal fillers, improving breast shape and volume. The Botox injection smooths out any lines or 'crepe-like' appearance. The procedure takes about 30 minutes per breast, and is a fraction of the cost of surgery.

Dr. Joanna Romanowska says “It is a cheaper alternative to surgery, but it's not as long-lasting as surgery - about nine to 12 months.” On the other hand, Dr. Tristan de Chalain advises those with significant breast sagging to opt for surgery, which offers permanent and more substantial results.

What do you think of this short-term fix? Would you try Botox for a breast lift?
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