Boston Bombing Hero Jeff Bauman Raising Money on Web for Medical Bills


Jeff Bauman, who lost both of his legs in the Boston Marathon bombing, provided a description of one of the bombers to the FBI shortly after regaining consciousness in an intensive care unit.

Unfortunately, Bauman does not have health insurance, so his friends have created a "Bucks For Bauman!" page on to help pay for his skyrocketing medical care bills, reports

The goal on the page is $1 million, but it has already raised over $200K.

Bauman lives in Massachusetts, where former Governor Mitt Romney signed a health care bill into law, but he falls into the very small minority, 1.9 percent, who are not covered by the state's insurance plan.

Steve Chamberland, who started a nonprofit organization, 50 Legs, that helps amputees buy prosthetics, recently told Bauman's uncle Dale Maybury: “Don’t worry. I’ll buy his legs.”  

“I’m a pretty rugged guy,” Maybury told the Boston Globe, but admitted to crying when Chamberland offered help: “I was just so overwhelmed.”

Under the U.S. health care system, the total medical bill for treating all of the Boston bombing survivors is expected to be around $9 million.

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