Review: BodyMedia FIT Weight Loss Armband System


What is BodyMedia FIT?

The BodyMedia FIT system gives you highly accurate information on activity, calories and sleep patterns. Clinical study results show it can help you lose up to 3 times more weight.

BodyMedia FIT is a holistic weight management system consisting of an Armband monitor (Armband Advantage or the new Bluetooth®-enabled Armband BW*), online Activity Manager**, an optional Display (for Armband Advantage) and, for iPhone® or Android™ smartphone users, free downloadable apps. BodyMedia FIT automatically tracks the calories burned during your daily activities — from pumping iron to using an iron — and monitors the quality of your sleep, an important factor in weight loss. Add in the easy-to-use food log and you have the information you need to improve your weight loss.

Fit Celeb's Review:

I normally wear a heart rate monitor, which is pretty simple to use, so when I got this "high-tech" body monitor system I was eager, excited, and a bit dumbfounded how to set it up.  

You need to set up an online account in order to begin to set up your Account Manager that will track your daily calories, physical activity, and nutrition.  Once you're set up online, you will then need to connect the armband to a USB cord to your computer.  Maybe I was having an off day, but I couldn't seem to pop out the piece from the armband that need to be hooked up to the computer.  Once I figured it out, it's quite actually very easy to do - like I said, maybe I was having an off day. ;)

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Once connected you will be able to set up your Account Manager:

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Log your daily calorie intake by entering nutritional information of meals you eat throughout the day.  This is a GREAT feature - but I've been lazy in doing so. I suggest taking the time to enter all the foods that aren't in the system already; this way all you have to do when you eat is click on it rather than entering information for each meal as you eat. I personally HATE this part - it's tedious and time consuming to me - but it's also important to do it in order to get an accurate calculation of what your calorie intake is compared to the calories you're burning and need to consume.  

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I'm not using the BodyMedia FIT system to lose weight but to maintain it, and I like to know what my body is doing, observing calories and physical activity.  

Speaking of keeping track of body activity, a really cool feature is the tracking of your sleep duration. How many of us want to know if we're really getting enough sleep, if our sleep's being affected by things we're eating the night before, and if it's enough to keep us energized for our busy lives?  You obviously have to wear the armband when you sleep.  

Is the armband comfortable?  Yes. I wear it pretty much all day long - working out, running errands, and hanging out - and I barely know it's there.  Much more comfortable then a heart rate monitor that sits on top of your chest.  

However, the velcro on the armband seems to be taking a beating, and I've only been wearing it a little over a week.  

There's also a display clip that will act like a heart rate monitor watch.  The display clip will display time, calories burned, heart rate, and steps taken. I wear it on my pants, but sometimes I wear it as a watch, which you can do if you purchase an armband to put it into.  

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How to turn on the armband? Once you place the armband on the upper part of your arm ( the armband piece rests against your tricep), it will turn on automatically in a few minutes - you will hear two beeps when it begins to read. 

The battery life of the armband will last 5-7 days, and then you will have to charge it by connecting it to the computer with the USB cable. Charging can take a while.

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