Bloodletting Sex Fetish Parties Raise Health Concerns In New York City

An unidentified attendee of a fetish party in New York City claims bloodletting is taking place.

The female attendee recently told NBC New York the Cirque de Plaisir party features "arterial tapping," which is when a dominant role player taps into the artery of a submissive player to control his or her blood flow. Cirque de Plaisir translates as Circus of Pleasure.

This "blood play" reportedly results in the spraying of blood, sometimes onto painting canvases.

The attendee claimed Dr. Edwin Perez, allegedly known as "Santos" in this type of sexual fetish community, is one of the organizers of the bloodletting parties, which take place in Manhattan lofts and charge $50 admission.

The attendee believes there is a conflict of interest when a doctor takes part because of the Hippocratic oath to "do no harm."

Perez did not respond to questions by NBC New York, which reports that he has worked in many anesthesiology practices in New Jersey.

One of employees at one of Perez's former practices did tell NBC New York that Perez is "Santos."

New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners spokesman Jeff Lamm stated in an email:

"The person in question is not representing himself to be a medical professional and is not soliciting nor treating people as patients. Without having a filed complaint pending against this person, the Board of Medical Examiners does not seem to have grounds for looking into his personal activities."

Because the bloodletting parties take place in New York, they may fall under health rules that require protective clothing and goggles when blood splashing and/or spattering is expected to happen.

BroBible.com reports there were several graphic pictures of other activities — "strap-on dildos and t*** in bondage and guys holding knives to people’s skin" — on the Cirque de Plaisir Facebook page, which have apparently all been removed, except for the profile picture.

NBC New York notes that some of the Facebook pictures also included: "breath play" (oxygen restriction) and "scrotal inflation" (saline injections into the scrotum).

An unidentified Cirque de Plaisir organizer stated in an email, "During the event, there are often performances from the erotic arts world and body modification world. These are artistic performances and are not how-to demonstrations."

Sources: NBC New York, BroBible.com, Facebook
Image Credit: Facebook Screenshot


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