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Blind Woman Forced To Leave Norwegian McDonald's Because Of Guide Dog

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A blind woman in Norway was forced out of a McDonald’s fast food restaurant because she went inside with her guide dog.

Tina Marie Asikainen said that she and her 5-year-old daughter were told to leave the restaurant “loudly” by five employees because of her dog, Rex.

“We had with [sic] Rex with us when we ordered food,” she said. “But after two minutes, before we had eaten the food, one of the employees came and asked us to leave because we had a dog.”

Asikainen explained to the staff that the dog was necessary, and even showed them her handler’s identity card, but they refused to allow Rex in the restaurant. 

“They were not interested in reading it,” she said. "There must have been twenty customers there watching while five employees loudly asked me to go. I started to cry, which isn’t something I often do.” 

Asikainen subsequently called the police, who chastised the employees for their actions. Police spokesperson Terje Norang confirmed that officers responded to the incident, and said that they were expecting Asikainen to press charges.

Katherine Moe, press officer for McDonald’s in Norway, released a statement in response to the incident.

“If this is true we regret it, for this certainly isn’t what is supposed to happen,” the statement read. “We obviously follow the law that visually impaired should be allowed to have guide dogs.”

Sources: The Independent, The Local NO / Photo credit:


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