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Blind Dad Rejected From Karaoke Over Cane

A blind 27-year-old father said that he was kicked out of a karaoke bar because management took issue with the cane he brought with him.

Adam Wright from Sale, England, has been registered as blind since 2010 for his Retinitis Pigmentosa, or degenerative tunnel vision, reports the Manchester Evening News. He also has two daughters, so he finds it difficult to make time to get out of the house with his fiancée. But the pair hired a babysitter and booked a hotel for their anniversary so that they could have a special night out and visit their favorite karaoke bar, Orchid Lounge.

But everything went downhill as soon as they arrived.

"We tried to go in but the bouncer said I couldn't go in because of my cane," Wright told the Evening News. "He said it was against the health and safety policy."

Wright argued with the bouncer and insisted on speaking with the manager, who sided with the bouncer and said that they could not allow him to enter.

"I said I have been coming for ten years, I have been registered blind since 2010 and they have always let me in," said Wright.

Wright says he was turned away from the bar once before but figured it was a mistake, so he did not think anything of it at the time.

"[The manager] said, 'I don't know why you are getting offended, it is for your own safety,'" recounted Wright.

But the father of two, who also sometimes uses a guide dog, said that he was discriminated against for having a disability.

Under the Equality Act in England, blind and partially sighted individuals are required to have access to the same services as others at establishments such as restaurants and pubs, notes Workers must also make reasonable accommodations to the visually impaired, even if it is an inconvenience to them.

Wright told the Evening News that he would pursue legal action against the karaoke club.

Sources: Manchester Evening News, / Photo credit: Vincent Cole/Manchester Evening News

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