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"Blessing from God": Earthquake Restores Man's Hearing

Many words were uttered (that cannot be printed here) during and about the earthquake that rattled the East coast on Tuesday. But one Virginia man is using words like "miracle" and "blessing from God." That's because the quake apparently restored his hearing.

The Daily Mail reports that according to the local Fox station in Washington, D.C., 75-year-old Robert Valderzak lost his hearing following a fall on Father's Day. Valderzak, who is also battling cancer, has been in the hospital ever since.

His family was visiting him when the earthquake hit. He remained in his bed as everybody else ran for cover. When the shaking was over, Valderzak had a revelation. After not hearing or speaking for months, he sat up and said, "You know, my hearing is back. I can hear everything, people in the hallway."

His doctors are at a loss to explain what happened.

"He has a conductive loss, meaning that could be due to fluid or problems with the bones of the ear. And he has a nerve loss as well, so it's a combined loss," said Dr. Ross Fletcher, Chief of Staff at the Virginia Medical Center.

Valderzak has his own explanation.

"To me, it was a miracle, a blessing from God up above. Couldn’t ask for a better day," he said.

Here is the Fox report:

Man Regains Hearing After Earthquake:


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