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Bizarre Moment Baby Crawls Out Of Mother's Womb (Video)

A new birthing trend has taken place in the U.K., where babies "crawl" out of their mother's wombs (video below). 

A woman from the U.K. underwent a "natural cesarean," and video of the birth has gone viral, racking up over 1.6 million views, reports the Daily Mail.

This trend marks the third type of birth, after natural vaginal and cesarean. In it, the baby effectively delivers himself, wriggling his way clear of his mother's stomach through an incision made during the cesarean.  

Doctors and nurses look on as the newborn slowly emerges on its own. First its head, followed by its shoulders, and then the full body.  

"Oh look at him," the mother can be heard exclaiming, as her son is born. 

The video was posted by childbirth educator Sophie Messager, and quickly drew reactions on Facebook. 

One user commented, "C sections are babies life savers in emergency situations but I do not believe in having one for a trend that is simply ridiculous. I had to have two emergency c sections and had to have a third elective because my risks of a natural birth were too high. All I cared about was that my babies were safe and healthy. At the end of the day a c section is major surgery and certainly not an easy option."

Another added, "Unless the baby's life is in danger and can't be delivered vaginally, a C-section is another money profiting method for the doctor and institution and there is nothing natural about it. What's next? Waiting for the baby to deliver itself so that it and its mother are more in tune with nature? Lol!"

According to Messager, the doctors at the hospital listened to all the mother's stipulations, including the fact that there be no drapes, no weighing or measuring until the family is ready and "even waiting until the cord had finished pulsating before clamping it."

WARNING: Video shows a live birth.

So far, a second video has emerged of a mother giving birth by natural cesarean, that video garnering over 1.7 million views. 

Sources: Daily Mail/Facebook, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail

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