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Birthday Party Discovers Scissors Inside Of Cake

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A group of partygoers at a birthday in Texas received quite the surprise when they discovered a pair of scissors inside of a cake.

Yoly Nava purchased the cake from the El Rancho market in Arlington for her mother’s surprise birthday party.

“Everybody was here sitting down,” Nava told KTVT News. “We were all around the table and we see the pair of scissors and we’re like, ‘Whoa!’ I was just very disappointed."

The pair of scissors was discovered inside of the $59.99 cake.

According to Latino culture, the person celebrating the birthday normally smashes their face into the cake to take the first bite while the partygoers shout “mordida." As the family was about to take part in the tradition, one of Nava’s friends saw the scissors inside of the cake.

“What if those scissors would have been pointed up and I would have hurt my mom?” Nava said.

Nava has since posted a video of the issue to Facebook in the hopes of warning others of what may happen.

The manager of the market called Nava recently to apologize for their mistake. However, Nava says she does not want an apology. She only hopes that their employees are trained.

"I think it's enough," she said. "Scissors to me, that could have been an eye or something."

A spokesperson from the El Rancho chain recently released a statement, saying: "We are in the process of investigating this incident. No matter what the situation, our policy is if something was done incorrectly, we want to rectify the situation with the customer."

Source: UPI, FOX

Photo Credit: UPI


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