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Biologists Discover Way To Repel And Attract BedBugs

Regine and Gerhard Gries, Canadian biologists at Simon Fraiser University in Vancouver, have discovered an effective and affordable way to trap bedbugs. Unfortunately for Regine, this discovery came at quite a cost.

Over the past five years, Regine has served as bait in the couple’s experiment. She has been bitten by more than 1,000 bedbugs every week over that five year span, totaling more than 180,000 bites.

The biologists discovered that bedbugs are attracted and repelled by certain odors. They then were able to pinpoint the five odors that the bugs react to. The pheromones that they discovered apparently signaled to the bedbugs to stay put. This was an important step because even if they had not fed on a host, they remained in the spot that the odor was present.

They are planning on using these odors to create traps that can detect and eradicate the renewed bedbug infestation. The team of researchers is now working with Contech Enterprises to create a commercially available and cost effective trap.

Regine Gries described it, saying, "This trap will help landlords, tenants, and pest-control professionals determine whether premises have a bedbug problem, so that they can treat it quickly. It will also be useful for monitoring the treatment’s effectiveness."

The trap is expected to be available for retail in 2015

Sources: FOX 31 Denver, Simon Fraiser University / Photo Source: Simon Fraiser University


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