Biochemist Claims She Cured Daughter's Autism With MSG-Free Diet


Biochemist Katherine Reid has claimed to have found the cure for autism, simply by removing MSG from a person’s diet.

MSG is a chemical compound associated mainly with Chinese food, but it's also found in all but 5% of processed food, according to Reid.

Reid’s daughter, Brooke, first showed signs of autism at age 2. Tantrums, repetitive behavior, communication issues and digestive problems were all signs. When tests revealed that Brooke was moderately autistic, Reid began researching cures.

The biochemist first eliminated gluten and dairy from her daughter’s diet. However, when she read about MSG, she came to believe that too much of it can interfere with neural function.

Reid immediately wiped MSG from her daughter’s diet and found the symptoms to be “completely removed.”

Since her discovery, Reid has claimed that 99% of the autistic children treated at the Unblind My Mind foundation drastically improved within five weeks.

Sources: NY Daily News, Newser


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