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Bill Proposed to Make Medicinal Marijuana Legal Nationwide

A bill was recently introduced by Earl Blumenauer of Oregon that would make medical marijuana legal nationwide, and would eliminate confusion about federal policy on the drug.

It was backed by 13 co-sponsors, including Republican Dana Rohrbacher of California, and would prevent the government from interfering with the 19 states where medicinal marijuana is legal.

Blumenauer said it gets the government out of “never-never land.”

“Frankly, the people in the federal hierarchy are in an impossible position,” he said. “It gets the federal government and the Department of Justice out of never-never land.”

Despite the fact that many people support this type of bill, many political experts think it has a slim chance of passing.

According to Politico, Americans for Safe Access Policy Director Mike LIszewski said bills in four states, including New Hampshire, Illinois, New York, and Maryland, may legalize medicinal marijuana this year.

Many of the activists supporting Blumenauer’s bill came from a four-day conference on medical marijuana, and held signs petitioning legalization of the drug in their states.

One doctor who helped lead the pro-medical marijuana side in her state, Karen Munkacy, said her breast cancer diagnosis forced her to “choose between breaking the law and suffering terribly. And I chose to suffer terribly.”

An Iraq War vet, Scott Murphy, believes marijuana could help soldiers returning from duty with post-traumatic stress disorder or physical injuries.

“If medical marijuana could help just one veteran, it would be worthwhile,” he said.



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