Good Idea? New York May Ban Smoking in Cars if Kids in Vehicle


The on-going battle against smokers is taking a big step forward (or backward, depending on your libertarian leanings), with a proposal in New York to ban smoking in cars if children are in the vehicle.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, if the bill is passed, anyone caught smoking in a car with a minor in the state would be fined $100 -- even if their windows are rolled down.

Several other cities around the country have passed similar laws.

According to experts, smoking in cars produce 100 times the amount of secondhand smoke deemed acceptable by the Environmental Protection Agency. When the windows are rolled down, it is still 10 times the safe level -- still dangerous to young children.

This comes a few months after a controversial law in New York City that bans smoking in parks, beaches and public places, including pedestrian malls in Times Square and Herald Square.

Smoking was prohibited in bars and restaurants in 2003, and since that time the number of people who smoke in the city has declined from 21.5% to 15.8%.

One hand, you have the health and well-being of children. But is the government becoming too intrusive if it's climbing inside your vehicle and telling you not to engage in a legal activity?


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