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Bill Clinton Goes Vegan

Bill Clinton has revealed that he is on a diet –  a vegan diet!

Bill Clinton, who was once spotted jogging with Secret Service right into a McDonalds, says he has gone to a mostly vegan diet.

“I’m trying to be one of those experimenters. Since 1986, several hundred people who have tried essentially a plant-based diet, not ingesting any cholesterol from any source, have seen their bodies start to heal themselves — break up the arterial blockage, break up the calcium deposits around the heart. 82 percent of the people who have done this have had this result, so I want to see if I can be one of them.”

Back in February, Bill Clinton had two stents inserted in his heart to open up a blocked coronary artery. A vegan diet is probably a great thing for him. He has been researching vegan diets and the benefits for some time now, and embraced the mostly vegan diet back in May. He admits that he does eat fish occasionally, but other than that, it’s a mostly plant-based diet for our ex-President these days.

Here's Bill Clinton and his McDonalds diet being mocked on SNL (R.I.P. Phil Hartman!).


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