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Bikram Choudhury, Founder of Bikram Yoga, Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Former Student

Bikram Choudhury, the 67-year-old founder of the exercise fad Bikram yoga, is being accused of sexual harassment and discrimination by a former student.

According to the lawsuit filed against him, Choudhury is quite the womanizer, as he apparently admits to having women brush his hair and wash his feet. He’s even reportedly admitted to having sex with a few students, explaining that they begged him for it.

Sarah Baughn, one of Choudhury’s former students, filed the suit claiming he made overt sexual advances toward her, often telling her he hated his wife in order to lure her into bed.

Baughn said Choudhury told her, “My wife is such a b****, you have no idea. She is terrible to me. She is so mean. You have to save me."

Choudhury allegedly began sexually harassing Baughn around 2005 when, according to the released reports, he told Baughn at a yoga instructor seminar, "I know you from a past life. We have a connection. It is amazing. Should we make this a relationship?"

Baughn worked as a Bikram yoga instructor as well, but tried to avoid seeing Choudhury after he continually pursued her. Eventually she decided to file suit against him to expose his sexual misconduct.

Bikram yoga is a technique that uses the same routines as traditional yoga, but at a very hot temperature in order to get the body to stretch and sweat more. 

Sources: Christian Post, International Business Times


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