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'The Biggest Loser' Winner Attacked for Losing Too Much Weight (Video)

“The Biggest Loser,” a reality show on NBC, crowned Rachel Fredrickson its winner last night because she lost the most weight of all the contestants, going from 260 pounds to 105.

Fredrickson went from looking like a chubby tomboy to a gorgeous spokesmodel, and won $250,000 in prize money (video below).

Even though Fredrickson chose to the lose the weight and was under the supervision of a doctor, she's been relentlessly criticized on social media sites for her weight loss, notes Time magazine. wrote, “We turned to shock when millions if viewers at home noticed her frail, skeletal frame... no one has ever looked as frighteningly emaciated as Rachel did tonight.”

There is even a petition calling on NBC to strip Fredrickson of her prize money.

"I worked out a ton and ate super healthy,” Fredrickson told "The Today Show," adding that she has been on a 1,600-calorie diet under medical supervision. “I am extremely proud of the way I lost the weight on the show."

Dr. Janey Pratt, the co-director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Weight Center, defended Fredrickson on "Today".

“If she lost it and she’s not malnourished, then there’s nothing wrong with it," said Dr. Pratt. "You can lose weight that quickly safely, but it’s a full-time job, which is what ‘The Biggest Loser’ is. It’s not what we usually see. It’s not common, but it can happen.”

Kylene Guerra, a nutritionist who does weight management at the Cleveland Clinic, told CBS News, "We really don’t know what she was doing before she came on the show. If it’s done in the correct way with supervision, it could be okay.”

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