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Biggest Loser Recap: Red vs. Black

*SPOILER ALERT* This post reveals details from last night’s The Biggest Loserepisode. So if you don’t want to know the dramatic details and results, click away, my friend, click away!

Oh, the game is on now! That was the obvious take-home from last night’s highly dramatic The Biggest Loser episode.

The teams of couples were dissolved and out came the red and black shirts. Also, some serious game play came out in the chocolate temptation challenge, which resulted in tears, anger and frustration. Then there was the craziness of the two teams and four trainers working out in the same gym at the same time.

Not to mention that Bob was rocking his pirate shirt, which always gives us something fun to Tweet about. He can make us walk the plank any day.

For a more, ahem, masculine and objective take on last night’s episode, we’ll now turn it over to Mark Pinhasovich from BL season 10 for his video play-by-play of episode six!


Can’t see the video? Watch The Biggest Loser episode six recap here.

What did you think about Bob’s shirt? Oh, and the rest of the episode? —Jenn


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