Biggest Loser Has Justin Bieber Fever: New Trainer Will Be Dolvett Quince


First there was the news that Anna Kournikova was joining the cast of The Biggest Loser, and now we have another name to add to the personal-training team: Dolvett Quince. Besides having abs that we could easily clean our workout clothes on (quite happily, too, we might add), Dolvett’s claim to fame is that he’s trained the Bieber, along with Janet Jackson and lots of other pretty people.

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In fact, he’s been training people for 10 years, which is super nice to hear since The Biggest Loser’s training credentials have come under some pretty heavy fire with the season-11 addition of Cara Castronuova and the season 12 hiring of Kournikova. (Looks like Cara probably won’t be back for another season, but we’re still kind of hoping Brett Hoebel does. Fingers crossed!)

What do you guys think? Does the hiring of Dolvett bring more credibility back to the show? Are you excited to see him on the small screen for The Biggest Loser season 12? Hoping Bieber makes an appearance and/or writes the show’s next theme song? (That would be terribly awesome, in our opinion.) Tell us about it in the comments! And be sure to read this post on Diets in Review for more info on this announcement! —Jenn


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