Can Margarine Actually Lower Cholesterol?


I have always liked the idea of fluoridating water, as we do have much better teeth than the Europeans who don't. As a gyno I had always told women to be sure to get their calcium in their diet, but calcium began cropping up everywhere in foods.

And then we had to remind pregnant women or women planning pregnancy to take folic acid. But foods are fortified with these as well. And few people will be worse for wear. An extra kidney stone or two for the woman not looking at labels and taking full supplements of calcium besides; an older individual rarely with B12 problems because of the extra folate in foods.

But don't stop paying attention. Just when you were struggling to get in enough oatmeal and salmon to lower your cholesterol, unbeknown to us, foods have started to get supplemented with the plant stanols and sterols that lower our blood lipids.

Actually, a study that is aging now, about 15 years ago, showed that using stanol-fortified margarine can lower your LDL by about 15%. And if you suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes along with your poor cholesterol readings, you should be using these foods as a regular part of your nutritional changes to lower your diet.

For the rest of us, we need to read the labels of any processed food to know exactly what 'Big Brother' is feeding us. 


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