Beyonce’s Work-Out Routine, After Pregnancy

Beyonce is already working hard to lose the almost 40 pounds she gained while pregnant with daughter Blue Ivy.

Star magazinereports that Beyonce has moved fitness guru Marco Borges into her home in order to help her workout throughout the day, with a source claiming “Beyonce and Marco are up at 5am for a two-hour workout, and they do it again at 5pm. They do a mix of cardio, Pilates, plyometrics, yoga and, of course, dance.”

The insider added that the 30-year-old singer is also adhering to a strict diet, eating “six tiny high-protein meals a day. She’s living on protein shakes, egg-white omelettes, pineapple chunks and lots of ice-cold water.”

Apparently, Beyonce is “exhausted but totally dedicated. Beyonce’s vowed to have a better body than ever before and she’s a woman of her word.”

What do you think about Beyonce’s workout routine??


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