Beyonce Promoting Vegan Diet, Fans Not Happy (Video)


Pop singer Beyonce appeared on "Good Morning America" today to announce that she has lost weight on a vegan diet.

In the pre-taped segment (video below), Beyonce (filmed from the neck up) said how she has "struggled, since a young age, with diets."

Beyonce has been following "The 22-Day Revolution" diet by celebrity trainer Marco Borges, which focuses exclusively on plant-based foods, reports Good Morning America.

The idea is to go vegan for three weeks based on the premise that psychologists believe it takes 21 days to make or break a habit.

The diet is 80 percent carbs, 10 percent fat and 10 percent protein, which seems to contradict the animal-protein heavy Paleo diet, which does include produce.

Jezebel notes that Beyonce wrote the foreword for "The 22-Day Revolution" book.

Beyonce is also partnering with Borges on a vegan meal delivery service based on the diet.

According to, some of her fans were upset on Twitter today because the singer teased her appearance as something big and mysterious on Instagram with her picture and the caption: "What is it? #GMA."

Sources: Good Morning America, Jezebel,, Instagram
Image Credit: ABC-TV Screenshot


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