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Bethany Storro Poured Acid on Own Face Because of Body Dysmorphic Disorder

A Washington woman who threw acid on her face and blamed her injuries on an unidentified black woman said she performed the suicide attempt because she suffered from body dysmorphic disorder.

“In the mirror, I saw a distorted monster,” Bethany Storro said. “It was, like, my eyes were gouging out, my face was just, it was just terrible.”

The woman was in the news in 2010 after she had claimed a woman came up to her and poured acid over her face.

She told police that a black woman in her 20s came up to her on the street and said, “Hey pretty girl, do you want to drink this?”

An extensive investigation was launched to find the attacker, but her lies soon became clear when witnesses told authorities that Storro was alone when she fell to the ground and started screaming.

When police told Storro about the witnesses, she eventually told the truth and underwent treatment and a mental health facility for a year. She also pled guilty to second-degree theft after she spent the money people donated to her for medical costs.

On Good Morning America, Storro said she was diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder, an illness that makes its sufferers obsess over small or imagined physical defects.

“I held it up to my face and I could feel it burning through my skin,” Storro said. “Like, melting into my face. And I was just, I was so happy.”

She said she decided to pour acid on her face because she couldn’t look at herself in the mirror anymore. Storro also said she had plans to kill herself by drinking the acid, but she ended up deciding against the idea.

While blaming the attack on someone else wasn’t part of her original plan, she said she kept lying about it because she enjoyed the attention. She said after awhile, even she started to believe her own lies.

“In that moment I felt like I was cared for and I mattered,” she said.

She wrote a book about her experience called “Facing the Truth.” In the book, she explains her mistake and is hopeful it will help people look past the incident.

“I hope that people forgive me and give me a chance. Because I’m, I’m a good person,” she said. “I promise I am.”



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