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Beth Flickinger Files Suit Claiming 25 Pounds Of M&M's Fell On Her

A mother of two has filed a lawsuit after she says a candy dispenser containing 25 pounds of M&M's fell on her at the Toys R Us in New York's Times Square. Beth Flickinger, 42, says that she has suffered headaches, a herniated disk, a decreased sex life and lost income since the bin of M&Ms allegedly hit her in the forehead.

“My vision went black for a couple of seconds,” Flickinger testified in court. “All I’m thinking is, [I’ve] got to catch this thing so it doesn’t land on the kids. I remember myself and my boys screaming for help.”

Flickinger and her husband, James, are seeking millions of dollars in damages. Trade Fixtures, the maker of the candy dispenser, could be forced to pay after an earlier suit found that Toys R Us store employees were not negligent. The Pennsylvania couple has already reached a settlement for an undisclosed sum with the maker of M&Ms.

“Little did Beth think in her worst nightmares that ... her life would be changed irreparably and permanently [that day],” lawyer Jay Dankner told jurors.

Trade Fixtures maintains that 50,000 of the dispensers have delivered pieces of candy for seven years without any problems, The New York Daily News reported.

Sources: The New York Daily News, Gothamist


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