Book 'What to Expect When You're Expecting' will be a Movie


Guest blogger Ronda Kaysen: Brace yourselves: The self-help genre has hit the big screen in a big way. Lionsgate has acquired the film rights to Heidi Murkoff's pregnancy bible "What to Expect When You're Expecting,"and plans to begin production by spring.

That's right: The book about all the things you should worry about when you're pregnant will soon be made into a feature film. Somewhat in the vein of "He's Just Not that Into You" and "Love Actually," the film will follow several pregnant couples and show what happens when they've got baby on the brain.

Lionsgate tapped "Whip It!" scribe Shauna Cross to transform the bestselling book into a screenplay. No word yet on who will play the happy couples.

"What to Expect" is not only an absurdly popular book (16 million copies have been sold), it's also a profoundly paranoid one. It's best known for lavishing mothers-to-be with angst-ridden advice and fear mongering about everything from dietary choices to exercise habits to all of the terrible things that could befall a fetus during gestation. The book has induced many a sleepless night, I'm sure. I personally found it totally irritating and alarmist.

But the latest edition is supposed to have a lighter touch, and the cover image of the homey mama in a rocking chair has been swapped for a much hipper version. The movie will likely attract droves of parents on their highly prized date nights -- parents who are eager to watch actors play out their own anxieties. It will have to do some major acrobatics to pique my interest, though. Hopefully it won't recount on screen all the myriad ways I can ruin my child's future before he's even born.


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