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Best Day of Year? "Go Topless Day 2011" at Venice Beach

Hundreds of semi-naked women converged on the boardwalk at Venice Beach in Los Angeles on Sunday for the fourth annual "Go Topless Day." Our favorite yearly event calls for equality for women, saying that if men can go topless, so can women. We wholeheartedly agree.

Carrying signs such as "Men and women have nipples. Why should women hide theirs?" and "Equal topless rights for all or none," women bearing their breasts or wearing pasties marched up and down the boardwalk. Men joined them too, enjoying the view -- of the ocean, we mean.

The event was held in several other U.S. cities, and will be held in two Canadian cities next weekend.

The event is organized by a group called the Raelians. Members believe in UFOs as well as equal rights for all, hence its topless views. A little good publicity for a cult-like organization never hurts, either.

"This is a basic civil right, just like blacks and whites being able to use the same water fountain," said Nadine Gray (above), a Raelian who helped organize the rally.

Fellow Raelian Tara Terstenjak said, "The Constitution says women are equal to men in every sense of the word. But if we don’t have the Constitution supporting equal rights in all forms, what good is it?"


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