Man Mistook Cancerous Tumor For Beer Belly (Photos)


A man in the Czech Republic mistook his cancerous tumor for a beer belly.

Josef Martinec went to Tomas Bata Hospital after experiencing severe back pain, the Daily Mail reports.

Initially, he assumed the aches were related to his excess weight.

When doctors examined more closely, scans revealed a 60-pound malignant tumor in Martinec’s abdomen.

“The tumor was pushing at my kidneys, liver, and lungs and I had big problems with breathing,” recalls Martinec.

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Doctors said the cancer was so dangerous, they forced their patient to undergo surgery immediately.

It would be a risky move given how poor Martinec’s health already was.

“I felt the end and it was my own decision to undergo the surgery although the doctors told me about the risk,” said Martinec. “I told myself that I had nothing to lose.”

While the six-hour-long surgery was successful, it is still uncertain if he will survive.

“The prognosis is very unclear due to the character of the growing tumor and its connection to the structure of the abdomen,” said Dr. Jiri Klein.

Consequently, Martinec was forced to spend half-a-year in the hospital while undergoing treatment for his illness.

Officials have not yet disclosed what kind of cancer Martinec is dealing with.

It’s not the first time somebody with a cancerous tumor mistook the growth for fat, reports the Mail.

Bryony Bateman, 27, says she suddenly gained roughly 84 pounds in six months.

“I didn't know what was going on. I kept gaining weight but I wasn't eating any more than I was a few months ago -- it just kept on going up and up and up,” she said.

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She was initially advised by doctors to just give up junk food.

“I felt like I'd been pushed aside and made to feel like I was making it up,” said Bateman.

After going to great lengths to lose weight, she failed to lose even a single pound.

When Bateman noticed other unusual symptoms, she decided to undergo tests.

That’s when it was revealed she actually a cancerous tumor near her thyroid, which slowed down her metabolism and caused the weight gain.

“If I hadn't got the courage up to go and see a doctor again, who knows what could have happened?” Bateman said.

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