Bee Sting Causes Man to Change Into Woman

A Jackson, Ohio man underwent sexual reassignment surgery after a bee sting "triggered" an underlying genetic condition that caused him to reassess his sexual identity.

Chloe Prince, born Ted Prince, was a happily married man with two children before he decided to undergo the invasive sex change operation, according to the Daily Mail.

Following a severe reaction to a bee sting, Chloe began to notice a significant drop in her testosterone levels. Her skin softened and she developed a more feminine shape. An unexpected feeling of comfort with these physical changes is what initially inspired Chloe to go through with the operation.

"I had been dealing with gender identity issue all my life," said Chloe. "Really when this came and it was a diagnosis and my testosterone levels started to lower it really lent itself to my transexualism because I was starting to develop breasts and my skin was softening. My body mass was changing and I was liking the changes."

Chloe, now 40, suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Klinefelter's syndrome - something she was not aware of until the shock from the bee sting drove the disease's symptoms into high gear. One of the more severe side effects of Klinefelter's syndrome is a deficit of male hormones like testosterone. When Chloe's body reacted to the bee sting her endocrine system essentially reset, which is what triggered the new symptoms.

Despite Chloe's new sexual identity, she and her wife Renee plan to remain married.

"I could have left at any time," said Renee. "But I had a level of commitment I was able to keep and stick with and I still feel a level of commitment."

The couples' love for each other might be enduring, but they no longer have sexual relations with each other.

"I am attracted to men," Chloe explained. "I identify as a heterosexual woman."

The two revealed to Anderson Cooper that they are no longer legally married, though they live together and continue to raise their children as a couple.


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