Become a Mega-fit Momma With This Yoga DVD (and Giveaway)

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I must be in need of a little rest and relaxation lately because I have definitely been drawn to the more relaxing yoga-esque postpartum workout DVDs. (I am apparently getting enough cardio chasing after my more mobile daughter.) And this Mega-fit Momma workout DVDwas right up my relaxation alley.

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Both a prenatal and postpartum workout for the mamas in the house, instructor Jillian Moriarty makes you feel comfortable, with her goofy sense of humor, physical-therapy expertise and the fact that she herself is in her second trimester of pregnancy and her workout partner is in her third (and does additional modifications because of that). Jillian also specifies that there are no controversial moves in the workout (hooray!), so you don’t have to worry about lying on your back or doing any headstands here.

Click here to continue reading this pregnancy yoga workout DVD review for moms and moms to be and learn how you can win it, too! —Erin


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