Because in Anti-Choice Land, Everything is About Abortion


I can never decide if I admire or am utterly frustrated by the anti-choice tunnel vision that makes absolutely everything about abortion.  Birth control is abortion.  Where you shop is about supporting abortion.  What you pick for lunch hinges on the fight against abortion.

The latest example?  Did you know that the recall battle in Wisconsin -- the voter fight to remove from office key politicians who pushed to pass unpopular, unconstitutional changes to workers' rights -- is actually all about abortion.

No, really.  Wisconsin Right to Life says so:

Wisconsin Right to Life informed its members today that it is looking for volunteers to help the candidates subjected to recall elections by liberal activists and it says the recall elections “are really about the rights of the unborn.” The organization is concerned that the elections could result in handing pro-abortion Democrats control of the state Senate.

“No matter what you hear about the nine State Senate recall elections that will take place on August 9 and August 16, it’s really about the rights of the unborn,” WRTL says. “The votes and support of right-to-life people have never been more important.  If we lose our State Senate majority, our life-saving legislative agenda will be stopped dead in its tracks.”

“Your help is greatly needed,” Wisconsin Right to Life continues, “even if you don’t live in one of the nine State Senate districts. You can volunteer to help recruit individuals to fill out absentee ballot applications for the August recall elections. Any amount of time you can give to this project will be greatly appreciated. Don’t let our State Senate fall back into the hands of pro-abortion leadership.”

It's true that along with stomping on worker's rights, ending collective bargaining, removing Milwaukee's newly passed paid leave act and rolling back child labor laws, Wisconsin Republicans have also cut off access to health care and taken away numerous people's ability to obtain birth control.  But seriously, does everything have to be a battle over abortion?


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