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Beau Chevassus Orders Starbucks Drink with 40 Shots of Espresso for $47.30 (Video)

Beau Chevassus recently celebrated his birthday in Washington D.C. by placing an order at a Starbucks that might have set a record (video below).

According to My Fox DC, Chevassus ordered a 52-ounce venti with 40 shots of espresso and frappuccino soy mocha drizzle, which has been dubbed 'The Quadriginoctuple Frap.'

Chevassus says it is the most expensive cup of coffee available at Starbucks with a price tag of $47.30.

Because it was his birthday, Chevassus didn't have to pay for his pricey coffee, the Starbucks baristas gave it to him for free.

Source: My Fox DC


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