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Beans Truly Are the Magical Fruit

We all know how the little rhyme goes: “Beans, beans the musical fruit. The more you eat the more you…” Well, you get the point. Despite their magical powers, we think beans are pretty awesome (I especially do now that I’m a vegetarian for the month!). And we love it when we can enjoy our beans in new exciting ways. LIKE CHIPS. Yes, we said, beans as delicious snack food. While it’s already public knowledge that we are fans of the basic Beanitos, the bean-a-rific company recently released and sent us its two new flavors: Chipotle BBQ (made with black beans) and Cheddar Cheese (made with pinto beans).

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And holy bean moley, do we love them! These beanie-weenies are a new staple at FBG HQ. Still with a good amount of fiber and protein, these have just a bit more sodium than the plain varieties, but they have so much good flavor. They really do taste like a snack chip! However, because of the improved nutritionals—including omega-3s and low-ranking on the glyemic index—these don’t make you feel like you need to eat 100 to feel any sort of fullness.

I probably favor the BBQ over the cheddar variety just because I usually like normal BBQ chips more than cheddar, but both are good and you can actually feel good about eating them. Just remember that like any food, you gotta watch portion size—a 1-oz. serving has 140 calories and there are six servings in each bag. These guys are much healthier than your average chip and they will fill you up, but that still doesn’t mean they should make a meal. But again, they’re so darn tasty—plus gluten- and corn-free—so we couldn’t really fault you if you did every now and again.

Like I said: Magical. —Jenn

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