Be Seen and Be Safe With This Shirt

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Be Seen

I’m a big “safety first” gal when it comes to running. I always make sure someone knows where I’m going and when I expect to be finished, and if I’m running alone, I tuck a piece of paper with “in case of emergency” contact information on it, just in case. I rarely run without water, especially now, when I can’t even remember the last time the highs weren’t in the mid-90s. What does it feel like to not be sweaty again?

In fact, because of the summer heat, many of us limit our runs to the early morning or evening, after the sun has begun to set. Sure, it’s cooler, but it’s also darker, which means that savvy runners (like you and me!) must do their part to be as visible as possible to cyclists and motorists they might meet along the road.

Be Seen offers shirts and other accessories with reflective logos designed to make runners and walkers more visible when the sunlight has waned. I tried out the women’s Be Seen shirt ($34.95), and was really impressed with the fit. It’s clearly cut for women, but it’s not too tight—definitely a plus in this sweltering weather. The sweat-wicking fabric does just what it’s supposed to do, and the reflective logo is highly visible on the front and back, with small reflective patches on the sleeves.

The only change I would love to see is to have that reflective logo made into a design with the logo subtly incorporated. I’m not much of a logo lady in any respect; for example, you won’t find me carrying a Louis Vuitton canvas bag. But, as far as whether it’s effective, you’d better believe it!

What are you doing this summer to stay safe and seen while working out? —Kristen


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