Be Happy, Eat Up and Ignore Your Holiday Food Guilt

We hope you all enjoyed last week’s feast. As with any holiday, though,
there’s always some activist group—like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
(PETA) or the Center for Science in the Public
—trying to get media attention by spoiling the fun.

PETA has been
out to ensure that festivities in November—which some activists proclaimed
“Vegan Month”—were full of gloom, not thankfulness. Along with producing an anti-turkey ad so controversial
that stations banned it from the airwaves
, PETA activists dressed as pilgrims were on the streets
shouting “Thanksgiving is murder.” Just wait until they get around to commenting
on Santa and his “enslaved” reindeer.

Thankfully, we don’t have to listen to these holiday Grinches. As we told
readers of the Cleveland Plain Dealer
and the Detroit News over the long
weekend, don’t let turkey scaremongering ruin your holiday season menu:

Sadly, this year some Americans have little to be thankful for, other than
the simple pleasure of enjoying their holiday meals in peace. But meat-hating
animal rights activists and nutrition purists see Thanksgiving as the perfect
time to launch new scare campaigns….

So what's a well-informed chef to do? Cook it all. Serve it all. Enjoy it
all. Leave the fear mongering to activists who have little to be thankful for
other than the freedom to be a joyless pest.


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