Operation Beautiful: Women Leaving Post-Its in Bathrooms


Can one Post-It note change the way women view themselves? Caitlin Boyle, a 26 year old blogger from North Carolina, believes it can. Fed up with women picking themselves apart in front of the mirror one day, Caitlin scribbled a note on a Post-it: “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!” and slapped it on the mirror of a public bathroom then posted about it on her blog.

A mere two days after her post, she received e-mails from readers around the world who themselves were leaving their own Post-it notes of encouragement in their own towns and cities. Caitlin soon launched www.operationbeautiful.com and posted these notes. A movement had begun.

Bringing these empowering messages to the written page, OPERATION BEAUTIFUL: Transforming the Way You See Yourself One Post-it Note at a Time (on sale 8/3; $17.00) showcases the notes women have posted around the world and the stories behind them. With interviews, interesting research findings, and tips for improving one’s outlook on life, each Post-It tells a different story from different perspectives. Whatever the story, the message remains the same—every woman is beautiful just the way they are!

This girls’ club of “pay-it-forward” was such a simple concept, but a seriously needed one in a society that still equates beauty to Barbie doll images.

With messages such as:
• “You are beautiful, inside and out!”
• “Take a diet from negative thoughts. Fill yourself with positive ones”
• “You can overcome anything because you are strong and beautiful.”
• “Don’t be a copy of everyone else—be an ORIGINAL of yourself!”
• “Love yourself. You deserve it!” it reminds us all we have the power to define our own beauty.

Caitlin spoke about the power of kindness and her inspiring movement on the Today Show last week! Check her out by clicking here!


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