Bald Cancer Barbie Doll Planned for 2013


Mattel toys has announced that it will release a Barbie doll that is bald in support of children who have cancer and lose their hair in treatment.

The decision for the new doll, which Mattel described as “a friend of Barbie,” was made after a Facebook group called 'Beautiful and Bald Barbie'  drew over 157,000 supporters to the cause of urging a version of the doll for sick kids.

A Mattel spokesperson said that the hairless dolls will come with an assortment of wigs, hats, scarves and head coverings and will be available for donation and distribution in early 2013.

They will not appear on store shelves, but will go straight to hospitals treating children with cancer in the United States and Canada.

Mattel won't say exactly what type of cancer the doll will have. For information on cancer or lymphoma symptoms, please click here.


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