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Bad Move: Dad Cuts Off Son's Cast with Saw, Removes Thumb

A Florida man is charged with aggravated child abuse after cutting off part of his son's thumb in an ill-fated effort to remove the boy's cast -- with a circular saw.

Police say that on Sunday 33-year-old Lawrence Roberts arrived at the house where his 15-year-old son lives with his mother, pulled out a 10-inch circular saw, and cut off the cast on the boy's hand.

"The defendant cut off the top of the victim's right thumb, [and] the middle of the victim's right index finger was almost cut entirely off," a police affidavit said, according to the Orlando Sentinel. The boy also received a three-inch-long cut on his right hand, between his thumb and index finger.

He was rushed to a hospital where the cast was professionally removed and emergency surgery was performed.

Police spokesman Sgt. Dave Kirkland said in his statement to police, Roberts admitting to cutting off the cast, but didn't explain why, or why he used a circular saw.

The aggravated child abuse charge carries a penalty of up to 30 years in prison if convicted.


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