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Doctors Keep Baby Alive By Sticking Him Into A Sandwich Bag

Doctors kept a British premature baby alive after his mother went into a silent labor by sticking him into a sandwich bag.

“Straight after being born Isaac was put into a plastic bag and the doctors said the idea behind that was to regulate his body temperature,” explains baby Isaac’s mother, 32-year-old Jennifer Derwent, the Daily Mail reports.

“It was quite shocking to give birth and then for the first thing to happen is they put your baby in a sandwich bag,” she continued. “We do have a picture of him in it, which I am sure we can all laugh about when he gets older. But it kept him warm and helped him get better.”

Jennifer, a psychology teacher, unexpectedly went into labor while shopping with her husband, Jonathan - a structural and civil engineer - at only 30 weeks, reports the Daily Express.

“Giving birth at 30 weeks is far from ideal but we are very fortunate to have been at Derriford Hospital which is a [center] of excellence,” she said. “We can't fault the care we received - the hospital were fantastic with us. I was so relieved when I heard him cry - it was an amazing moment.”

While she did not initially make much of her stomach pains, her husband reportedly had a premonition he was about to deliver the child. He subsequently rushed her to the hospital.

Jennifer says she then experienced a relatively painless birth.

“When I was in hospital I felt really embarrassed because I couldn't feel anything, but the nurses were concerned as they knew he would be born any minute. The most painful thing was not being able to hold my son,” she said.

Indeed, doctors almost immediately put the baby in a sandwich bag upon discovering his unusual body temperature given his weight of only 3 pounds and 11 ounces.

He was moved into a special care unit where he stayed for five weeks. Isaac is now five and a half months.

The couple, however, explains this is not the first time they’ve had an unusual pregnancy.

In 2013, Jennifer delivered a baby girl at home in a relatively short amount of time - 40 minutes. By the time the paramedics arrived, the healthy child had already entered the world.

Sources: The Daily MailThe Daily Express / Photo credit: Plymouth Herald via The Daily Express

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